Spiritually Youth

I am Mariane and I came to our Mother Earth the year of 1948.
The Spiritual life of mine is kind of colourful, which I think is the same for all that is in same situation as I.

I remember one thing that has happen to me when I was 14 years old. I was on a bike trip with my baby brother (he is from 1953) and we were driving out of Copenhagen, very long way as I remember. We stopped at a construction place when we found a place to have a break. I sat on top of the soil build up from a huge hole in the ground. My baby brother ran around down there and have a lot of fun. I sat high up and had a great view over the city with its towers, which is itself a magnificent view. Of a sudden, the “noise” from the nature and sounds from people disappeared and a peace fell over me well almost literally. I sat there long time I believe and the time and space just disappeared.

When I found myself “awake”, again I called my baby brother and told him it was time to drive home. I never told my family what has happened to me, as I believe even then I wasn’t going to be heard and if I told it was I that was lying or I imagined things. Oh well!

Since then I searched for that feeling again, but never found it, not even today where I know that I know. Well I checked out several religions but no one or nowhere were I am able to get an answer. I even tried to be in Jehovah Witness a year. I definitively did not get an answer there. They teach!?! Of Gods anger? God Grief. I left after a years as said and still did not find anything. I read about other religions and could not find what I was searching. This was in my 20ths and 30ths.

I thought it would be good then to be in a group and share the spirituality with them. Oh my Goodness after a few year (because I am patient woman) I left because I would be taken away from the group I was at if I did not behave. Probably be kind of a servant to them? NO way! I am really a FREE SPIRIT!

I open a consultation room for people that was in same situation as I and I did help people 2 years. At that time, I found my best friend. She is the only one I have left from a world that was too harsh. THERE MUST be something … Why cannot I get some answers. My friend and I have very long talks about all this and for her it was the same kind of. She is much younger than I am but it feels she is older. We found we had the same ideas, the same thoughts about Spirituality. We rather complimented each other.

Today (2016) I finally got the answers I was looking for. Being in contact with Celest and David (Awakened Hearts) is a release for me. There is so much information and recommending books to read or even Gatherings are up now. I can say I am very happy and I mean Happy in a quiet way and no doubts anymore. I just have to learn to be patience. I am as other people are, I guess. Making my ART gives me many thoughts, but do not ask me to make a diary, as I might not even be able to make one because time flies so quick that there is no time left beside for living, if you know what I mean.

You are welcome to ask any questions you might have in this matter, and as well write to me from my blog “Do You Hear The Wind Whisper” Please read this: SPIRITUAL FRIENDS OF AWAKENED HEARTS Celest and David have asked three people to spearhead the formation of gatherings as announced by Blue Star the Pleiadian in his Blue Star transmission for December 25, 2015. Responding to the email address that is posted on the Awakened Hearts website will allow any interested parties to notify us that they wish to participate in periodic meetings to be held. We ask that you provide a first name and city and state, but do not include an address. - See more at: Awakend Hearts


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