Welcome to MC Inspirations

Retirement and updates

"To Be or Not to Be that is the question," but not for me, I am sure, as I am fully enjoying my retirement. No more obligations, just Play.

Ones in a while there will be updates of my life which might show up here as well, if you have any interest ;) So please visit on and off?
Sometimes I feel like I am the "Red Pimpernel" "You see me here, you see me there, you see me everywhere".I always love that sentence and sometimes I feel like that. Especially with my travels and online life.

You find this web site downsized as I decided to make more personal things on my other web site as after all I started a new life so why not a new web site as well? That web site is exciting as this one and is fun to look through. Thank you ever so much for visiting and be welcome back any time.